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At PalmView Events and Engagement, we understand that every event is a unique opportunity to tell a story, connect with your audience, and leave a lasting impression. Whether you're hosting a corporate conference, a networking gathering, or an exclusive yacht event, our professional event filming and live streaming services are designed to capture the essence of your occasion.

Pitch Sesssions

Our pitch sessions are designed to bridge the gap between innovators and investors. With a focus on curating a dynamic environment for startups to showcase their ideas, we handle everything from the selection of an inspiring venue to the technical setup and audience engagement strategies. Tailored to foster meaningful connections, we ensure your pitch session is a catalyst for growth and investment opportunities.

Networking Events

At the heart of every successful business is a strong network. Our networking events are crafted to bring together professionals from diverse industries in a conducive environment for making connections that matter. From unique ice-breaking activities to strategic seating plans, we facilitate interactions that are both meaningful and beneficial, ensuring attendees leave with valuable contacts and insights.

Yacht Events

Take your events to the open sea with our luxurious Yacht Events. Perfect for corporate celebrations, product launches, or high-level networking, these events offer an unforgettable experience against the backdrop of Dubai’s stunning coastline. With everything from yacht selection to onboard catering and entertainment handled by our team, you are guaranteed an exclusive and memorable experience.

Invest Dinners

This esteemed event will provide a platform for insightful networking, industry discussions, and the opportunity to connect with seasoned investors from various sectors. Our Investor Dinner aims to foster meaningful relationships while facilitating invaluable conversations about current market trends and investment opportunities. Book your Investor Dinner with us and open the door to refined dining and impactful networking tailored to your strategic goals.

Our Team

We are Karen & Serj
the Creative Visionaries behind PalmView Production
We’re passionate tech enthusiasts with a deep love for traveling and capturing the world through our lens. With each destination, each story captured, our fascination with creating engaging content grew, leading us to a pivotal decision: to transition our passion into a profession.
Our mission is simple yet ambitious: to leverage the art of film and media to craft unforgettable narratives that connect and resonate.
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